Shoes & Socks Drive for Trinity West Elementary

In just 3 weeks, Avery UMC collected 201 pairs of socks and 45 pairs of shoes! Mrs. Melissa Emery-Gillo, the school nurse, shared with us that many students come to school with inadequate footwear. Instead of learning in the classroom, they’re at the nurse’s office getting their shoes taped back together! Many families in this school district cannot afford to replace socks and shoes with holes in them.

“Is there any way Avery can help?” she asked. And you answered! Thanks to your donations, students will be able to focus on learning and growing instead of socks with holes and shoes falling apart. These socks and shoes were blessed in worship on Sunday, April 8. Trinity West Principal Mrs. Carol Lee was in attendance, and expressed heartfelt thanks for all that we do to help the school achieve its mission. Our Washington District UMC Superintendent Brad Lauster also participated in the blessing.

Thanks for this wonderful expression of generosity and support for the school and the children of our community!