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Children are a vital part of Avery United Methodist Church. We take seriously our responsibility to help children to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and to equip parents or guardians with necessary tools for spiritual development at home. We have many exciting ministries for children, including:

Children’s Sunday School (Preschool-5th Grade) – Sundays at 10:45 am

  • Broken up into 2 classes: Pre-K and Elementary. Children not yet in preschool may go to the nursery with our paid nursery caregiver.
  • Children begin in worship, and are dismissed after the children’s moments.
  • Pick up your children after worship. On the first Sunday of the month, children will return to worship to participate in Holy Communion.
  • Adults: interested in serving? We’re doing rotation Sunday school, so most volunteers will only need to commit to one Sunday every 4-8 weeks. Contact Amy at AveryUMCKids@gmail.com

Sunday School 

Join us as we explore the Bible through hands-on activities that incorporate arts & crafts, songs, cooking, games, video and science. This is a rotation program so the children have the opportunity to engage with our creative, knowledgeable and enjoyable leaders / helpers.




We have a staffed nursery downstairs, available during worship for young children who are unable to sit through the service or attend Sunday School.


Each week, one or two children get to serve God by assisting in leading worship. Our lay worship leader helps them light the candles on the altar. Most children love this chance to show others that God can use them too!

Colorful Bells

Our children’s bell choir makes music so simple, even our preschool aged children can join in! The bells play 3-4 times during the year during worship.


Special Needs

We strive to be a welcoming environment for children who need to participate in a different way. As a smaller congregation, we have the ability and experience in structuring ministry specifically for each child, and commit to providing this for every family who attends.


Easter Egg Hunts, Family Movie Nights, Summer Activities, and more! Be on the lookout for the latest ministry event planned just for kids and their families!


Safe Sanctuaries

Avery UMC strives to reduce the risk of abuse of children and youth in its building and all its ministries. Click here to read our full policy.