Practicing Lent

Lent began as a season of preparation. New converts to the faith would spend 40 days reflecting on ways they had sinned or made poor choices, so when they presented themselves for baptism on the eve of Easter, they would be ready to accept God’s forgiveness and join the church.

But our need to be forgiven for our sins doesn’t end with baptism or joining the church. Lent reminds us of our constant need to turn away from our sins and turn toward God. Beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 6) and continuing to Easter (April 21), Lent helps us become more devoted to God through spiritual practices of worship, prayer, fasting, and studying scripture. It is our hope and prayer that you will use this 40 day period wisely and faithfully as you seek to live a life more fully committed to God.

Lice Kit Drive

Lice kits and/or monetary donations to aid Trinity West School will be collected until March 31. Your generosity is appreciated by the West School community.

Debriefing the 2019 Special Called Session of General Conference

The Western Pennsylvania A Way Forward Task Force, General Conference Delegation, Cabinet and Bishop will conduct debriefing sessions in each of our ten districts. The Washington District session will be held Sat. March 23, 2pm at First UMC. The purpose will be for lay and clergy members of the UMC in Western PA to hear accurate information about the decisions made at the Special Called Session of General Conference. Those who attend the debriefing sessions will have an opportunity to ask questions and respond to the decisions made.

2019 Church-wide Focus:

Learning the Bible, Together

Have you ever wanted to read the bible more, on your own or with your family? Avery UMC is here to help! We think it’s important that everyone know about God through the stories, and the big story, of scripture. That’s why we invite you to join us for a year-long journey through the most important themes and stories found in the bible.

For 31 weeks, we’ll look at those themes and stories together as a church. Worship, Sunday School, and adult small groups will follow the same schedule, which means families can journey through scripture from week to week and discuss what they’re learning, together!

First unit runs Jan. 27 to April 7. Learn more

The Story books and materials have arrived and are ready for pick up in the Fellowship Hall.

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