Current Sermon Series:

Speaking Faith: How do we talk about our Christian faith outside of church, without being a jerk?

We’ll consider the language we use, what to say and what not to say, and how to express our beliefs authentically and humbly, rather than as a marketing or sales pitch with the selfish intent of “winning” another soul for our resume. In his book, Testimony: Talking Ourselves into Being Christian, Dr. Thomas Long reminds us:

“We will always talk about God in the midst of life– that is, we will be in the midst of life, and God is in the midst of life too. We need then, to think of ourselves as more than just ‘church people,’ as more than people who go about our daily business and who have a quiet, almost secret compartment in our lives where we are religious. We cannot be human, much less faithful to God, if we keep silent. We must begin to think of ourselves…as witnesses.”

April 15 – Speaking the Languages

April 22 – Speaking Faithfully

April 29 – Speaking the Faith

May 6 – Speaking Up

May 13 – Speaking Gently

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