Small Groups & Classes

Contact Pastor Erik or Discipleship Coordinator Kim Miller for information about joining a group!

What’s a Small Group?

A group of people who meet as a “church within a church” to develop relationships with each other and with Jesus.

What do we do at meetings?

Hang out, have fun, pray, and have guided conversation about growing in faith. Each group chooses its own studies. In 2019, most groups have chosen to follow The Story, our congregational learning focus.

Why small groups?

Part of the purpose of church is to be a community where we provide care and encourage growth in one another. While that often begins in Sunday worship, the most effective way to be community is in small groups.

I’m not ready for a small group right now.

That’s okay. Small groups may not work for everyone all the time.

What about shut-ins?

Each group includes shut-ins or members who otherwise may not be able to meet with the group. The group is asked to care for these persons by including them in prayer, sending them cards, and reaching out to them with phone calls or visits.

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