Revolution & Revival Youth

Teenagers are not the church’s future leaders, they are the church’s leaders right now. We help them prepare for adulthood as they learn what it means to make their own commitments to faith in Jesus Christ.

Support A.J. Batson on his Mission Trip!

Avery Church Family,

“I am going on a mission trip with the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the UMC Mission of Peace to India from Dec. 27 – Jan. 14. We will be visiting cultural landmarks, mission sites, churches and community centers in various cities, doing different activities with the people there. This is an exciting opportunity for me, and the trip will cost $5000. I will need help getting to this amount; and while I ask for your prayers, I also ask that with the generosity of your heart, and what the Lord leads you to do, to help me fundraise for this trip, so I can continue to spread God’s work to others. I appreciate all the help that you give.”  – A.J. Batson

 For more information about the trip, visit:


If you have not yet contributed but wish to, a donation basket is in the back of the sanctuary. You may also write a check to Avery UMC with “A.J. Batson MOP Trip” in the memo line.



Revolution & Revival:

Youth Community Outreach

Thursdays 6-7:30 pm

All youth in grades 6-12 are welcome!

Volunteer Youth Director: Buddy Batson, 724-986-8574 /


R&R Youth Community Outreach has been very active lately. While weekly meetings were down due to holiday and other schedule difficulties, I am proud to say that they are holding to the outreach part.

We recently have been in discussion with Friendship Community Church about working together with youth groups. These  discussions have all been very positive and there is a great     opportunity to there.

The two groups went to see “He’s Alive” in Wheeling. They also partnered together to help St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in cleaning that church in time for Easter.

R&R participated in the North Franklin Community Clean-up. They also volunteered to do the landscaping around the church.

As we continue to work our way through development of this ministry, we want to share some future ideas.

June 23-29, we will be participating in U.M. Army Mission Week in Waynesboro, VA.

We are looking at having a Hot Dog Sunday as fundraiser in late May or early June.

R&R asked church council for approval to build a community prayer board and bench in the island of parking lot and received approval. The group will be working on donations for that, and we should see it completed by mid to late summer.

R&R Youth Community Outreach wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support.




2019 Summer Mission Trip
June 23-29 in Waynesboro, VA
Spend a week helping others through the work of U.M. Army


Serve as a Youth Leader!

Research shows that in order for faith to “stick” after high school, youth need at least 5 adults in addition to their parents to model Christian faith for them. Are you called to be one of these persons for our youth? Contact Buddy Batson to see how you can help.


Worship Leadership

Some of our teens help with technology in worship by running powerpoint slides, the sound board, and the video camera. We enjoy being led in worship by masters of technology.

Safe Sanctuaries

Avery UMC strives to reduce the risk of abuse of children and youth in its building and all its ministries. Click here to read our full policy.

Why are we called “Revolution and Revival Youth Community Outreach”?

Revolution because we are changing the fundamental ways of church youth group. Revival, of course, is helping to revive God’s purpose in Youth.

Outreach has two reason, the first being the outreach to other youth. Secondly, youth want to help in our communities.