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The Book of Acts and the Letters of the New Testament show us how the early church started and grew. Back then it wasn’t an established institution or something you were born into. It was just people who chose to live as a community, organized around shared values of diversity, generosity, compassion, worship, and joy. This is the church the world needed – then and now.


Oct. 13: I am the Church

People don’t become part of the church without first discovering faith in Christ. Learn about the transformed life of Saul. Once he encountered God in a new way, Saul became Paul the missionary and planter of churches.


Oct. 20: You are the Church

Paul is given credit for the spread of Christianity, as he planted churches across the Mediterranean region. But what really grew the church was ordinary people like you and me finding and using their abilities and giftedness for new purposes. Paul empowered all kinds of people to be the church for their communities.


Oct. 27: We are the Church, Together

The church born on the day of Pentecost brought together people of many races and ethnicities, languages, genders, and ages. Despite differences in background, social standing, experience, and perspective, these diverse people were united by a newfound faith in the risen Christ, and a shared commitment to Christian values.


Does Jesus Matter? Does he add anything to my life? Whether you grew up in church, or think religion isn’t for you, this is your chance to explore whether Jesus might have something of value to offer. Come and see. Discover Jesus.

Sept. 1 – Waiting on a Friend

The gap between Old Testament writings and the birth of Jesus spans nearly 400 years. Where was God in that time? What was happening? Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for something good to happen in your life? Maybe now is the time for to discover the hope you’ve been waiting for.

Sept. 8 – First Impressions

Have you ever been introduced to Jesus? What do you know about him? What are your assumptions about Jesus and the church? If you’re skeptical about Jesus, you’re not alone. Many people in scripture weren’t sure whether to trust what they heard and saw from this man. Come and see, and decide for yourself.

Sept. 15 – The Son of God

Sure, Jesus is a good moral teacher. But surely he isn’t God, is he? Do people still believe that Jesus is a divine being? What if I just want to follow Jesus’ teachings without all that nonsense about heaven? Discover possible answers to these questions at Avery UMC.

Sept. 22 – Getting to Know You

Is there a difference between knowing about Jesus and truly knowing Jesus? Does it do anything more than get me into heaven? The short answer is, YES! To find out more, join us for worship.

Sept. 29 – “God is Dead”

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once declared, “Gott ist tot” (God is dead). But he wasn’t talking about the crucifixion of Jesus. He was saying that our idea of God and our need for a divine being died with the rise of the Enlightenment. Haven’t we humans evolved in our thinking to no longer need to believe in a God? When someone says Jesus saves or Jesus died for our sins what do they mean? Explore different theories of Christian salvation, and whether the death of Jesus matters.

Oct. 6 – Jesus, Resurrected

I can believe that Jesus died – everyone does. But coming back to life? That’s ridiculous. Well, maybe it is. It’s hard to prove something supernatural from nearly 2000 years ago. But this story is about more than physical evidence. The story of Jesus gives meaning to life, in this world and beyond. Discover life with Jesus.

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