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50 Cups of Coffee: an invitation from Pastor Erik

“Will you visit from house to house?” – United Methodist Book of Discipline, ¶336.15

This is one of 19 historic questions asked of all United Methodist clergy immediately prior to ordination. In 2011, when Bishop Tom Bickerton asked me this question at my own ordination, he added that home visitation of all church members is a relic of the past. Pastors have more and different demands on their time than they used to, and many church members do not wish to welcome the pastor into their home. But in our modern context, the Bishop said, this question might be translated to mean, “Will you be active in the lives of your congregants? Will you be present in the community, go to their kids’ ball games, meet them for lunch, and visit at home those who still desire it?”

At the heart of this question, and its modern translation, is the idea that pastors and congregants are supposed to share life together. That’s been really hard to do over the past 14 months, and I think we’re all feeling its absence. I know I am.

50 Cups of Coffee is a chance to reconnect over coffee or while doing something else. I am completely flexible in how you wish to meet. I’ll come to your home, sit with you on the church lawn, or meet you in a public place. We can grab coffee, go for ice cream, or take a walk. It’s up to you – get creative! There’s only one rule: we can’t meet inside the church building! Call, text, or email me directly to set up a time!

50 Cups of Coffee

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