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Delivering Hope to Your Door
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Orders are Closed. Thanks for your support!

Let Jesus bring hope to your home this Christmas.

Christmas is a holiday associated with the feeling of HOME. Each year we welcome family and friends for feasts and parties, make memories with children and grandchildren around the tree. Most of our Christmas traditions happen at home: baking, decorating the tree, watching movies, playing games, sipping warm drinks by the fire. Christmas happens at home.

Christmas has always been about home.  Mary and Joseph returned home to Bethlehem. There they found no home that could welcome them in. And all of this was God's way of bringing Jesus into this world - the only home we've ever known.​

Over the last two years, our homes have become our workplace, school, and even our place of worship! As a result, many have re-discovered regular spiritual time as a family.

This year, we want to help you celebrate Advent and Christmas in your home, all month long. Whether you live alone, with a partner, or with kids, these boxes will guide you through a December filled with Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love. Order a box for you and your family. Then, order another for your nieces and nephews, your neighbor, or your elderly parent! Connect with them in person or virtually to do the crafts, devotions, and Advent candle lighting together!

Every Home for Christmas Box includes:
  • 4 Advent Candles & Liturgy for worshipping at home as a family

  • One activity book for each child

  • Up to 4 devotional books for adults

  • 4 Crafts (one for each week of Advent!) designed for all ages to enjoy together!

  • One cookie for each member of the household!

    ...and more!

"Plus" Boxes will also include:
  • Advent Wreath

  • Music CD

If you didn't order a box last year, you'll automatically receive a plus box

Order deadline is Nov. 12
Boxes will be available for pickup or delivery Nov. 21-23.

We also have limited capability to ship boxes (at cost to you) if you live out of town. Please call 724-225-0632 or email office@averyunitedmethodistchurch.org prior to ordering.

There is no cost Home for Christmas Boxes.

Each Home For Christmas Box costs approximately $15 to create.

Each plus box (with Advent wreath & Music CD) costs approx. $20 to create.

Thanks to the generosity of donations during last year's orders, these costs are partially covered. We appreciate donations of any amount help us provide this essential ministry to deliver hope at Christmas.