Faith Matters

My spouse and I are “on the go” people. For most of our adult lives, we’ve spent very little time at home. We work long hours, travel frequently, and enjoy going to theater or sporting events in our spare time. But this year we’ve spent more time than ever in our home. That has resulted in a summer filled with home improvement projects, large and small.

Some projects came about unexpectedly, as happens every year. Others were long overdue, like getting the driveway repaved. We even tried our hand at restoring a piece of old furniture! All have made our house a more functional and beautiful place to live.

Our hearts need fixing up sometimes too. Much like sprucing up our home, sometimes we need to take a good look at what needs to be fixed or refreshed within us.

Join us for the next 6 weeks for our new worship series: Faith Matters. We will explore Christianity, one practice at a time: prayer, reading scripture, worship, giving, serving, and talking about faith.

Sept. 13 “Christians: They Think They’re Soooo Perfect!”

Sept. 20 “Prayer: What’s the Point?”

Sept. 27 “Reimagining Church”

Oct. 4 “Why Does the Church Always Talk About Money?”

Oct. 11 “Make a Difference”

Oct. 18 “There IS Good News”

Throughout the week you’ll be invited to begin practicing these things through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Make sure you like and follow us for daily updates, and subscribe to Avery UMC on YouTube! Here is our weekly social media schedule:

Mon Explore

Tue Irresistible Question

Wed Pause to Pray

Thu Teaching Moment

Fri Fun Fridays

Sat Sunday Worship Preview

Sun Worship Online or in Person

We’ll also post mid-week reflections from Pastor Erik here on our blog, and have some other surprises in store.

Whether you wish to freshen up your Christian practices, or explore them for the first time, all of us can use some work. So, what will you do? Pave a new pattern of daily prayer? Put a fresh coat of paint on your faded commitment to worship? Build a new outdoor living space so you can better share your faith with neighbors? Or intentionally devote more time and money to the work of Christ in fixing the world? There’s no better time than now for improving our homes and hearts for God to enter more fully!

- Pastor Erik

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