Youth Ministry

Teenagers are not the church’s future leaders, they are the church’s leaders right now. We help them prepare for adulthood as they learn what it means to make their own commitments to faith in Jesus Christ.

Revolution & Revival Youth Community Outreach

Why are we called “Revolution and Revival Youth Community Outreach”? Revolution because we are changing the fundamental ways of church youth group. Revival, of course, is helping to revive God’s purpose in Youth. Outreach has two reason, the first being the outreach to other youth. Secondly, youth want to help in our communities.

Worship Leadership

Some of our teens help with technology in worship by running powerpoint slides, the sound board, and the video camera. We enjoy being led in worship by masters of technology.

Conference Youth Involvement​​

Through our Western PA Conference, there are many opportunities for teenagers, including helping at annual conference in June, going on a mission trip, and attending SPARK, an annual youth rally in January. Learn more on our conference website.

Summer Camp

Avery United Methodist Church is committed to making summer camp affordable for all our families. We have a campership program to raise funds for camp scholarships, and scholarships are available through our annual conference. Learn more.

Serve as a Youth Leader!

Research shows that in order for faith to “stick” after high school, youth need at least 5 adults in addition to their parents to model Christian faith for them. Are you called to be one of these persons for our youth? Contact Buddy Batson to see how you can help.

Special Needs

We strive to be a welcoming environment for children who need to participate in a different way. As a smaller congregation, we have the ability and experience in structuring ministry specifically for each child, and commit to providing this for every family who attends. If your child has anything that our staff or volunteers need to be aware of, please let us know!

Safe Sanctuaries

Avery UMC strives to reduce the risk of abuse of children and youth in its building and all its ministries. Click here to read our full policy.