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Grow in Faith

What makes a church different from a community organization or charity? In addition to building relationships and engaging in community service, churches help people explore questions of spirituality and faith.

At Avery Church, we believe that no single person has all the answers. We're all seekers, trying to figure out who we are, why we're here, and what it means to believe in God.

We believe the life of a Christian disciple is centered in love, peace, and joy. With Jesus as our guide, we do our best to engage and grow in spiritual practices of prayer, worship, study of scripture, mission & service, being generous, and helping others to discover Christ to be not only a great teacher, but Lord and Savior.

Avery Church fosters this spirit of learning through small group study, sermons that explore the lessons of scripture, and listening for the wisdom that others can share with us.

Visit the News & Events page for current learning opportunities.

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