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April Newsletter

What if you could stay engaged and encouraged anywhere and anytime with a library of the best video resources for study and reflection? Now, you can!


Avery UMC is excited to offer Amplify Media for all members & friends of Avery UMC! You have 24/7 access to motivating stories, insightful teaching, and powerful resources. Best of all, it’s FREE for church members & attendees!

Amplify is a multimedia platform that features thousands of videos you can use for study, reflection, worship and inspiration. Amplify has videos can be used in your small groups, Bible studies and, of course, in your own personal faith journey. You can access all of these videos anytime and on almost any device.


To set up your free Amplify account and see all that it has to offer, email with "Amplify" in the subject line. We'll give you a link and access code to set up your account and see all that Amplify has to offer!

Microaggressions: What are they? How can we avoid them?
Wed., May 19, 7:30-9 pm


Microaggressions are defined as the everyday, subtle, intentional — and oftentimes unintentional — interactions or behaviors that communicate some sort of bias toward historically marginalized groups. The difference between microaggressions and overt discrimination or macroaggressions is that people who commit microaggressions might not even be aware of them. (Kevin Nadal, NPR)


Join Pastor Erik for an online conversation about microaggressions. What are they, and how we can avoid committing them in the workplace, the church, and other public places? Register here:

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Spirituality On Demand

Check out out church's YouTube page for videos to help you grow spiritually from home, including Spiritual Exercises, Bible Reading Tips, Worship & Sermon Videos, and Bible Stories for Kids.

District and Conference News

Avery UMC is part of the Washington District, within the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church.


The 2021 Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference Session will occur June 18-19. It will be mostly virtual, with select in person attendees. Live stream will be broadcast at There will be reports, an ordination service, and a memorial service. Pastors and lay delegates will vote by mail on select items by the end of June. Pastor Erik will attend in person as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Avery UMC’s lay delegate, JR Pond, will attend virtually.


General & Jurisdictional Conferences, scheduled to meet every 4 years, have again been postponed. Originally scheduled for May 2020, then postponed to Aug./Sept. 2021, they are now scheduled for 2022. This has very little impact on local churches like Avery UMC, but affects denominational decisions on structure and administration, positions on social issues, and elections and appointments of bishops, among other things.


Washington District Conference will be Sat. May 15 at Crossroads Church, Boyce Rd. campus. It will begin at 1 pm and be drive-in only. Pastor Erik and church representatives will attend.

Small Group News from the Discipleship Committee


Remember when there were small study groups hosted by church members? Remember when people would get together during the week or for lunch and talk about God, current events, kids/grandkids, or life in general? How nice it would be if we could once again safely gather together and talk in person about the word of God.

The Discipleship Committee has been discussing having small groups and what small groups would look like given the current pandemic. Small groups could be the traditional bible study groups, or a study group within your own family/friend circle, a Women’s/Men’s Group, a New Mom/Dad Group, a teen group...the possibilities are endless!

Are you interested in becoming a facilitator or resuming your role as a facilitator? Interest does not lock you in to a commitment. We simply want to gauge interest. That’s all. Once we know who is interested, the details will be worked out later. If you have an interest please contact the church office, or Laura Stainbrook, by phone, text or email no later than April 15, 2021.