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50 Cups of Coffee with Pastor Erik

Pastors and congregants are supposed to share life together. That’s been really hard to do over the past 14 months, and I think we’re all feeling its absence. I know I am. 50 Cups of Coffee is a chance to reconnect over coffee or while doing something else. I am completely flexible in how you wish to meet. I’ll come to your home, sit with you on the church lawn, or meet you in a public place. We can grab coffee, go for ice cream, or take a walk. It’s up to you – get creative! There’s only one rule: we can’t meet inside the church building! Call, text, or email me directly to set up a time!

Guitar Playing

Seeking Singers & Musicians!

Contemporary Worship

Want to join our new praise team, who will begin meetings & rehearsals in August as we prepare to launch a new service in January?Contact Pastor Erik or the church office for details or to volunteer to serve.

Spirituality On Demand

Check out out church's YouTube page for videos to help you grow spiritually from home, including Spiritual Exercises, Bible Reading Tips, Worship & Sermon Videos, and Bible Stories for Kids.

District and Conference News

Avery UMC is part of the Washington District, within the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church.


The 2021 Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference Session was held June 18-19. Pastor Erik attended in person as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministry. Avery UMC’s lay delegate, JR Pond, attended virtually.

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